Civic engagement software
built to power smart decisions

Zencity’s platform gathers organic and proactive feedback from
all corners of your community, translating millions
of data points into actionable insights

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Input from organic channels

Zencity connects your dashboard to hundreds of channels across your community, from social media to 311

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Input from proactive surveys

Add active community feedback to
your dashboard, with one-time polling
for specific topics and recurring community surveys

One platform for data-backed decisions

understand your community's infrastructure priorities Poll Organic Input
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Organic Input

Keep up with conversation

Rely on Zencity’s AI technology to
continuously collect and process data
from official and unofficial channels in your
community (like 311 tickets and social media)

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Survey your community

Get a more representative view of your
community with one-time polling for
specific topics and statistically valid,
ongoing community surveys

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Make sense of the data

Zencity’s team of expert analysts regularly
sends you summaries of major data trends,
or you can request an insight about
a pressing topic at any time

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Stay organized
around key issues

Track big events, critical issues or campaigns
with dedicated dashboards that display
resident sentiment, top stories
and sub-topic breakdowns

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Alerts &

Keep your finger
on the pulse

Stay in the know with email summaries of
key data highlights and triggered notifications
for popular posts, media mentions,
specific keywords, and emerging trends

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Reports &

Track your progress

Measure your performance over time with
regular, shareable reports, and use Zencity’s
benchmarking to see how you compare to
a cohort of similar communities

Transforming data into a story you can act on

Plug into the conversation

Zencity helps you understand what matters most to your residents. Once you join, we tailor your platform to include:

  • Hundreds of integrated channels that continuously collect organic resident input
  • One-time and recurring survey tools
  • Custom project dashboards for any issue or initiative
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Discover new findings at every login

Rely on Zencity’s AI technology to identify the data trends you need to start your day. In one glance, see what’s top of mind for your community using:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Volume of interactions and recurring themes
  • Breakdowns by location, departmental focus, and source
  • Trending data alerts
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Act with data in hand

Make the best policy, budgeting, and messaging decisions for all corners of your community. With Zencity, you get:

  • Actionable insights prepared by expert analysts
  • Monthly trend reports and custom reports by topic
  • Benchmarking tools to track progress over time and against a cohort of similar areas
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Powering smart decisions, every day

Finger up

Keep your finger
on the pulse 24/7

Keep your finger
on the pulse 24/7

Understand what your residents are discussing and care about most. Zencity connects you to hundreds of organic channels (like social media and 311) and runs surveys to give you the most complete view of your community.


Take the guesswork
out of decision-making

Take the guesswork
out of decision-making

Get precise community input, monitor trends and draw conclusions every time you log in. Zencity’s AI-powered algorithms automatically break down your data by department, topic, sentiment, location and source.

Increase graph

Raise the bar on
your performance

Raise the bar on
your performance

Measure resident satisfaction over time to track your progress and identify areas for improvement. Rely on insights and reports from Zencity expert analysts to distill the data into findings you can share and act on.


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