Hear beyond the ‘Same Ten People’
and easily draw meaningful takeaways

Zencity 360 brings all the essential tools to help government agencies
improve services, build community trust and increase overall satisfaction.


Zencity 360

Community engagement tools that connect you to your residents

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Discourse and sentiment analysis:
Understand the conversation across publicly available sources, including social media and news channels

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Community Surveys

Community Surveys

Always-on, representative surveys:
Hear from more voices in your community and measure performance and satisfaction over time

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Zencity Engage

Zencity Engage

Modern sites for collaborative input:
Shape & discuss ideas over interactive digital spaces, together with your community

ExperienceSurveysTools px

Experience Surveys

Experience Surveys

Smart service satisfaction surveys:
Build trust and measure the performance of services by engaging residents at the right time

One platform for data-backed decisions

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Alert 1 Alert Alerts &
Search location 1 Search location Reports &
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Stay organized
around key issues

Track big events, critical issues or campaigns
with dedicated dashboards that display
resident sentiment, top stories
and sub-topic breakdowns

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Make sense of the data

Zencity’s team of expert analysts regularly
sends you summaries of major data trends,
or you can request an insight about
a pressing topic at any time

Alerts Tab image@2x
Alerts &

Keep your finger
on the pulse

Stay in the know with email summaries of
key data highlights and triggered notifications
for popular posts, media mentions,
specific keywords, and emerging trends

Reports Benchmarking Tab image V@x
Reports &

Track your progress

Measure your performance over time with
regular, shareable reports, and use Zencity’s
benchmarking to see how you compare to
a cohort of similar communities

Powering smart decisions, every day

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Know what’s
going on

Know what’s
going on

Understand what your residents are discussing and care about most. Zencity connects you to hundreds of resident input channels, highlighting the top trends and patterns in your community to the surface.

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Answer specific questions

Answer specific questions

Rely on data and precise resident feedback to take the guesswork out of decision making and guide your community through major decision points, initiatives and policy changes.

CollaborateValues px

Collaborate with residents

Collaborate with residents

Bring your next plan or initiative to your community, make public participation accessible and inclusive, and shape your vision with diverse public input in hand.

MeasureValues px

Measure your performance

Measure your performance

Measure resident satisfaction over time to track your progress and identify areas for improvement. Rely on insights and reports from Zencity expert analysts to distill the data into findings you can share and act on.


Keep working with your favorite tools

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