Our Story

Helping state and local government build trust with their communities

State and local government are the beating heart of a well-functioning society.
But community trust—the key to their legitimacy—is broken.
We’re here to fix it.

Trust in government is at historic lows.


Only 1 in 3 Americans have high trust in their state and local government


Less than half of Americans trust government leaders


Only 2 in 3 Americans trust local government handling local problems

To rebuild it, you need to accurately understand your community’s diverse needs and priorities.

The Challenge


Barriers to participation


Inconvenient meetings


Outdated input methods

These challenges amplify the voices of a few and exclude the many, creating the “Same Ten People” problem that hinders effective government.
Left out are diverse voices: the busy parent, the transient youth, the hesitant immigrant and many others.
This gap of understanding hampers government leaders, leading to uninformed decisions and disconnected residents. Operating with such a skewed view risks eroding trust.


The solution is Zencity.

Our Vision

Our Vision

A world where strong trust between communities and the government agencies that serve them radically improves life in every community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Zencity sets the standard for how state and local governments obtain community input, understand it, and use it to make effective decisions.

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