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Houston, TX

West Sacramento, CA

Zencity allows us to track and measure community sentiment on key issues. These statistics help alert the City to emerging community concerns, and provide useful insights into the effectiveness of city programs.

Jon Robinson

Deputy City Manager, West Sacramento, CA

Corona, CA

Thanks to Zencity, we were able to take something that was very negative in the city and turn it into something positive. Zencity helped us transform an unfortunate incident into an opportunity to communicate with our residents about the right way to do things and how we, the City, can help.

Chris McMasters

Chief Information Officer, Corona, CA

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Chapel Hill, NC

Aurora, IL

Scottsdale, AZ

Tel Aviv, Israel

San Antonio, TX

Beaverton, OR

Chris McMasters

Chief Information Officer, Corona, CA

Dayton, OH

Roswell, GA

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Renton, WA

Jersusalem, Israel

Normal, IL

Cary, NC

Coral Springs, FL

Summerville, SC

Glendale, AZ

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