Zencity Code of Conduct


  • Zencity’s mission is to vastly improve and augment how local governments obtain public input and use it to make effective decisions. Our services are dedicated to helping local leaders receive equitable, inclusive, and continuous resident feedback. In doing so, we strengthen civic trust and bridge the gap between communities and their governments to meaningfully improve daily life in communities around the globe.
  • We achieve this by lowering the barriers for people to be heard by government leaders and making it seamless for public servants to understand and incorporate input from their community in every decision they make.
  • Zencity helps local government leaders learn from aggregated data, reflecting the varied and diverse voices in their entire community. Our goal is to surface and highlight the issues, priorities, and concerns raised and discussed by the community, while adhering to the highest standards of protecting the values we are promoting. This includes protecting the privacy of individuals, the accountability of government to those they serve, and openness and transparency. Zencity’s platform is built to support these principles by design.
  • This Code of Conduct exists to emphasize our and our partners’ commitment to these principles, and align expectations on the use and outcome of our suite of services among our team, customers, and the communities that they serve.

Permissible Use:

  • Zencity’s platform must be used in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. Zencity’s platform may not be used for a) any discriminatory or unlawful purpose; b) conducting surveillance or gathering intelligence, including but not limited to investigating, tracking, or profiling individuals; c) any non-governmental purpose, including electioneering; d) any law enforcement effort action to interdict individuals’ or groups’ exercise of free speech, free assembly, and protest.
  • Zencity does not enable the tracking of individuals online; the identification of links between people; the creation of profiles; the tracking of an individual’s physical location; the creation of dissemination of any authentic or inauthentic social media accounts, content, or communications; or the collection or storage of information about an individual’s social media account data.
  • Zencity employees, partners and clients are encouraged to monitor, identify, and report any potential violations of this code of conduct. Any violations are grounds for termination of user access or services. If you suspect a violation is taking place, we invite you to reach out to us at codeofconduct@zencity.io.
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