Data-Driven Decision Making for Local Government

Powered by AI, Zencity transforms data from a multitude of sources in your county into actionable insights about your residents’ real need and priorities

Zencity’s award-winning technology is designed especially for local governments to help county and city managers better understand resident feedback, prioritize resources, and connect with their communities.

The Zencity Advantage:

Our data insights help county organizations be more effective in the services they provide, so counties can improve the quality of life and safety of their residents, and better meet the needs of all members of their community.

By aggregating data from across the county, we help counties make policy and prioritize in a more equitable way.

Zencity enables county departments to provide localized solutions tailored to the different community in their county, and to operate more efficiently by basing department decisions on real resident feedback.

Join dozens of local governments today who use Zencity for:

  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Budgeting & Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Proactive Governance
  • And much more

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