Optimize your government services with resident feedback data

Zencity is a cross-channel, community insights and analytics platform used by state and local governments for inclusive civic engagement

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Easily understand citizen feedback at this critical time

As a state agency leader, your work to improve, innovate, and maintain essential services, directly impacts the lives of citizens. Understanding resident input is essential, but classic civic engagement tools only engage a small percentage of your residents, require a lot of effort, and rarely provide the feedback you need, when you need it.

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Power your agency’s decision making with resident input from across all of the communities in your state

Zencity transforms your residents' online feedback into actionable insights and their satisfaction levels into an ongoing, trackable KPI. With Zencity, measure your agency's performance and the impact of your work, and own the narrative - state-wide. Our tailored, visual reports - curated by our team of expert data analysts - help you provide governors and state secretaries with data-backed recommendations.

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Meet your residents where they are and hear from all of the people and communities you serve

Get a 360 degree view of where the people and communities you serve stand on state-agency-related topics by easily leveraging data from social media, news sources, government hotlines, and more. Zencity’s easy-to-use dashboard, custom reports, and comparative data give unbeatable insight into each of your communities’ priorities, needs, and sentiment.

The Zencity Advantage

Tailored solutions for state agencies


Public Health Departments

Public Health Departments

Provide clarity around health policies and concerns when they’re needed most and enhance two-way communication with citizens throughout your state based on actionable insights

Traffic jam

Departments of Transport

Departments of Transport

Address the most complex transportation and infrastructure problems in your state with community input and data-backed strategy

User group

Departments of Housing and Community Development

Departments of Housing and Community Development

Apply data-smart governance to allocate resources and promote safe, affordable, inclusive, and sustainable communities in your state

High risk

Emergency Management Agencies

Emergency Management Agencies

Support your citizens, strengthen your communities, and maintain a culture of preparedness through any crisis by crafting and implementing an effective communication strategy based on real-time data

Drive data-driven decision-making across your
agency with our award-winning technology

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Don't rely on anecdotal information. Get on board
with data-backed decision-making with Zencity.

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