Capital Projects

Increase community buy-in on large-scale investments and projects

Capital Projects

Understand how residents perceive investments in community assets and infrastructure projects—and refine or adjust plans accordingly.

Capital projects with Zencity

Research & Identify Assess community sentiment around the project, map key concerns and opportunities, and understand where your residents stand on the investment.
Inform & Monitor Communicate with your residents throughout the project’s lifetime. From conception to implementation, provide updates, and gather ongoing feedback
Analyze & Strategize Consult real-time feedback and sentiment to identify specific pain points or concerns, and adjust messaging or project design accordingly
Evaluate & Report Evaluate the feedback, pinpoint takeaways, and submit relevant findings to council, department heads, and elected officials.

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Learn how local governments execute and manage capital projects with Zencity

Fort Lauderdale x

Keeping Your (Digital) Ear to the Ground: How Fort Lauderdale Heard its Wider Community

Seguin Texas

How Seguin, TX, Used Zencity to Make a Difficult Decision About Stormwater Infrastructure and Obtain City Council Approval


How the City of Houston, TX, Tackles Distinct Transportation and Urban Mobility Challenges

portland tx removebg preview ()

Using a Resident Survey to Decide if an Electric Scooter Pilot is a Good Idea in Portland, Texas

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