Strategic and Annual Planning

Set meaningful priorities with input from your entire community.

Annual & Strategic Planning

Forward-thinking leaders rely on Zencity 360’s high-visibility tools and features to map their vision and goals, secure buy-in for their plan, and measure their success – all from a single platform.

Developing a plan with Zencity

Research & Identify Collect the data you need to determine your community’s pain points and opportunities.
Use your findings from Zencity to inform your strategic priorities and draft your plan.
Inform & Gather Communicate your plan to the community and collect their input in return.
Analyze & Strategize Evaluate the feedback, pinpoint takeaways, and submit findings to council and elected officials. When everyone is aligned, implement your plan.
Measure & Assess Ensure steady progress toward achieving your goals—and adjust if necessary.

Start Building Trust Today

Learn more about how governments leverage Zencity to plan strategically for the future.

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How the City of Stockton, CA, Used Zencity to Inform and Validate City Council Priority Goals


How the City of Scottsdale, AZ Increased Resident Support for a Vital Bond Package by Listening to its Greater Community

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How the Town of Apex, NC used Zencity to assess communications and develop a reputation-building strategy and plan

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