Performance Management

Measure and increase resident satisfaction with the services you provide.

Services Management

Monitor, assess, and improve public services in your community according to resident feedback. Don’t guess; track your progress with live satisfaction scores.

Performance management with Zencity

Research & Identify Assess your current situation by identifying baselines, mapping urgent priorities, and setting goals for improvements.
Analyze & Strategize Consult real-time results and live satisfaction scores to identify specific services in need of improvement.
Inform & Gather Communicate about new service improvements and interventions and collect feedback. Gather the feedback, pinpoint takeaways, and submit relevant findings to council, department heads, and elected officials.
Measure & Assess Determine the effectiveness of your interventions with updated satisfaction scores.

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Learn how local governments manage services and measure performance with Zencity

decatur pd

Uncovering resident priorities and addressing them head on: How Decatur PD Utilized a Blockwise Survey to Reallocate Resources to streets and traffic control

state college

How State College, PA, uses Zencity for Performance Management and to Benchmark Resident Satisfaction around City Services

arlington wa

How the City of Arlington, WA used Zencity to drive economic vitality in its community

apex nc

How the Town of Apex, NC used Zencity to assess communications and develop a reputation-building strategy and plan

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