Public Safety and Trust

Gain neighborhood-level visibility into your community’s confidence in local law enforcement efforts.

Public Safety & Trust

Public safety has always been of critical importance to the success of a community. Emphasis on trust metrics and perception of safety should be the same as on the crime and clearance stats police departments have been reporting for decades.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, and the things we measure tend to improve. Never before has improving police and community trust been more vital to the safety and health of a community.

Improving Public Safety and Trust with Zencity

Research & Identify Collect the data you need to determine your community’s pain points and opportunities.

Use your findings from Zencity to inform your strategic priorities and draft your plan.
Inform & Gather Communicate your plan to the community and collect their input in return.
Analyze & Report Evaluate the feedback, pinpoint takeaways, and submit findings to council and elected officials. When everyone is aligned, implement your plan.
Measure & Assess Ensure steady progress toward achieving your goals—and adjust if necessary.

Start Building Trust Today

Learn how government agencies leverage Zencity to learn where their community stands on trust and safety.

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How Kent County, MI, used Zencity to Assess Threat to County Buildings and Plan its Security Strategy Saving over $500K


How the Redondo Beach Police Department is Taking an Innovative Approach to Increasing Community Trust

decatur pd

Uncovering resident priorities and addressing them head on: How Decatur PD Utilized a Blockwise Survey to Reallocate Resources to streets and traffic control

Oak Ridge Print

How Oak Ridge, TN, Mitigated a Crisis Situation and Kept the Public Informed Using Zencity

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