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A Community Survey for the World We Live in

Community surveys are one of the most important tools we have for civic engagement.

With the right refresh, cities can get even more value from the insights surveys provide.

The Zencity Community Survey is bringing civic engagement online and catapulting surveys to new heights.


The Zencity Community Survey reaches people where they are: online

Traditional community
surveys rely on a static group
of households reached by landlines and snail mail.

What happens when more than 75% of U.S. adults aged 18-44 live in cell phone-only households?

Expand your reach. Go online.

Statistics about the U.S. population


The Zencity Community
Survey lets
you hear from
all corners of
your community.

Traditional surveys usually rely on static lists of respondents which means they limit feedback to the same small group of residents year after year.

Did you know?

Only 19.2% of adults
living in rental units
have landlines.

It’s time to update how you run your community surveys, with lists that are broad-reaching and dynamic, and results that represent your entire community.

Visit us at ICMA 2021 booth #701 or schedule a meeting in advance with our team to see Zencity's Community Survey live!


The Zencity Community Survey is a survey residents will want to complete.

Did you know?

The adult attention span is only 20 minutes, but community surveys often contain over 100 questions, taking an hour to complete. The math just doesn’t add up.

Zencity’s community survey delivers more insights in a survey that takes only 5-7 minutes to complete.


Your community survey should stay one step ahead of the game.

Citizen satisfaction surveys are traditionally conducted every two years. Which means game-changing events, like the COVID-19 pandemic, often don’t appear in your results.

Zencity's digital approach means your survey never stops running, with representative reports aggregated multiple times a year for results that are always fresh, and the ability to add on-demand questions so your finger is always on the pulse of what’s important.


The Zencity Community Survey is more than a survey -
it provides live, clear and actionable data in real-time.

The average news story lasts 7 days. So why do the results from your current survey provider take 3 months to process?

Zencity’s community survey provides an interactive dashboard with trending topics and live feedback, so you never have to wonder what’s surfacing in your community.

Learn more about how
the Zencity Community Survey
can help you connect
to your entire community.