Support Your Department’s Community Policing Work with Analytics

Zencity supports community policing and helps strengthen police-community relations by gauging public sentiment in real-time and transforming trust into a measurable KPI

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Measure & increase trust

Ongoing, representative, and statistically valid surveys provide a real-time trust score, mapped by neighborhood, so you can measure impact and focus your efforts

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Understand public opinion

Zencity automatically collects and analyzes organic resident input from across the community so you can understand resident discourse around different incidents, initiatives, and community issues

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Improve police-community relations

Leverage multi-channel feedback sources like social media and news channels to gain a broad understanding of resident input - and improve service by directly responding to residents’ top need and priorities

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Own the narrative

Respond directly to your residents’ priorities and concerns, correct misinformation that may be circulating, and showcase your efforts for improved community relations

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Solve for community problems with data

Use resident-generated data to support your department’s initiatives, work, and budgeting decisions and to evaluate communication campaigns and impact

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