List of Sub-Processors

Contract namePurpose
DatadogMonitoring and analytics
Indi VilageAnnotation service provider
CLOUDAMQPIn system massage queue
CIRCLECIintegration and delivery platform
BROWSERSTACKTesting usability of our web platform across different browser versions
LOGGLY BY SOLARWINDLog management tool
INTERCOMCustomer communications platform
NEW RELICApplication Performance Monitoring
AWS EMEA – S3Cloud computing services
SlackInternal communication messaging app
Gsuite by GoogleSuite of Google’s office products
MAILCHIMPEmail marketing and newsletters
HOTJARVisual usage analytics
MAILGUN TECHNOLOGIESCommunication with clients
Planhat FinanceCustomer success platform
salesforceCustomer relationship management platform
Salesloftsales engagement platform
YESWARE SERVICEsales productivity platform
GongRevenue intelligence platform
LabelboxManual text tagging system, used by our internal staff to train our AI models
confluentReal-time data flow and processing platform
TypeformSending surveys to clients
Google Cloud PlatformCloud computing services
TwilioReceiving calls from clients to answer surveys over the phone
SentryMonitoring and analytics of Zencity’s front end
AivenCloud open source data infrastructure management
Office by MicrosoftSuite of Microsoft’s apps
Microsoft AzureCloud computing services
WerkitManual tagging services
AmplitudeUsers’ usage patterns analytics tool
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