Ensure you make the biggest impact for your county with ARPA funds

As you build and execute your relief funding strategy, Zencity is here to help! With our community insights & analytics platform, easily leverage resident feedback from across all of the communities in your county for maximum impact and equitable relief

Zencity combines organic resident input from online channels with proactive feedback from community surveys. Our suite of ARPA-dedicated tools includes:

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A Dedicated ARPA Dashboard

Track organic resident discourse on funding issues and trending topics and understand your residents’ real-time needs and priorities

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Custom ARPA Insights

Zencity’s curated insights dive deeper into your community members’ feedback around specific ARPA topics and provide clear, actionable takeaways based on real data

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Benchmarking Capabilities

Understand resident sentiment in context by comparing your county’s feedback trends around fund distribution in communities similar to yours

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Tailored Reports

Our tailored reports prepared by expert data analysts provide a 360-degree picture of your county and transform benchmarks and comparative data into actionable insights

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Representative Surveys

Proactively engage your community in the decision-making process around key funding priorities and initiatives with Zencity’s statistically valid and representative surveys

Zencity is an Eligible Expense Under ARPA

Learn more about how we can support your county as you distribute your ARPA funds

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