Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our commitment to providing an inclusive digital engagement platform means that we are constantly researching, learning, and expanding what Zencity can accomplish. As part of our ongoing research, we’ve documented insights from public engagement, as well as approaches, methods, and tactics to removing the barriers your communities face in engaging.

Report on Public Engagement Barriers

In 2021, we ran a 2-month research initiative focused on understanding the experiences of folks from communities who are undertapped. We set out to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges surrounding inclusive engagement through a survey, in-depth interviews, and a workshop with community members and engagement practitioners. We did our own outreach into communities and learned that while some might be harder-to-reach, it’s not impossible. And, we learned a lot about what makes or breaks inclusive engagement.

Public Engagement Barriers Cover

Lessons for Civic Engagement - Part 1

No matter who we are, or where we come from, the power and importance of relationships is one main takeaway that we can all agree on. In part 1 of the Lessons for Civic Engagement series, we look at frameworks to help public sector organizations understand how they can begin tackling the efforts of effective relationship building. If you are someone who is involved in policies and decision-making, or in a public sector role that is community-facing—this article is for you!

Lessons for Civic Engagement part

Lessons for Civic Engagement - Part 2

In the second part of our Lessons for Civic Engagement series, we look at common methods that practitioners use to analyze their effectiveness in inclusive and equitable engagement, and provide considerations to think about how these can be more effective. There will never be a perfect way to approach communications and engagement, so it is always about considering all of the friction points and exploring future opportunities in order to live the principles of equitable engagement.

Lessons for Civic Engagement part

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