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Where Resident Input Meets Illinois Local Government

Zencity is a cross-channel, civic engagement platform used by Illinois local governments to leverage online resident feedback and hear from all corners of their communities

Working with hundreds of cities and counties in Illinois and across the U.S.

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Understanding resident feedback has never been more critical or easier to gather

As a local government manager, you’re probably taking on some of the greatest challenges of our time - like COVID-19 and its economic impact, as well as continuing to work on supporting rural areas and local agriculture, and improving infrastructure in your community.

Classic civic engagement tools like phone surveys and council meetings often only engage the STP (Same Ten People) and fail to provide feedback when you need it most. Zencity is here to bridge that gap so you can take action with real-time resident input on the things that matter to you and your community.

Strategize, build trust, and connect with all of your community members

A cross-channel platform that takes civic engagement to the next level, Zencity captures the full 360 voice of your community. Using AI and expert analysts, we transform all of your residents’ online feedback into actionable data and tailor-made insights so you can easily understand your residents’ needs and priorities in real-time.

Zencity’s easy-to-use dashboard, digestible reports, and comparative data tool give unbeatable insight into community trends and resident sentiment towards civic topics.

Case study

Towns, cities, and counties of all shapes and sizes use Zencity to succeed

Learn more about how the City of Aurora, IL, leveraged data analytics during a mass shooting to stay on top of the swell of information, respond accordingly, and direct residents towards official and accurate news reports in a timely manner.

Read the Case Study

Resident Feedback at your Fingertips

Get a 360 degree view of where your community stands on any and all local-government-related topics by easily leveraging data from social media, local news channels, city hotlines, 311, and more

Resident Feedback at your Fingertips