Zencity National
Community Survey

A recurring survey that never stops running, the Zencity Community Survey measures how satisfied residents are with their community and with local government-provided services, and allows officials to compare these scores over time and against a cohort of similar communities.

Residents from more than 2,000 communities across the United States have participated in Zencity’s National Community Surveys between April – June, 2022. We use the combined results from these surveys to produce our national benchmark scores. Community surveys, like this one, can help you:

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Perfect your performance

Receive quarterly or biannual reports on your aggregated score, so you can inform your strategic planning with clear and actionable data

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Easily spot major takeaways

Spend less time deciphering data and more time acting on te findings with regular reports and analysis of free-text responses as they are submitted

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Hear from more voices

Lower participation barriers with a user-friendly, multilingual survey that's digitally available on the sites & apps where residents already are

Get a closer look at the initial findings of the Zencity National Community Survey

And get an alert when the full report is available!

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