Eliminate the guesswork. Understand your residents' top concerns in times of uncertainty.

With Zencity, State agencies can monitor and aggregate resident feedback in real-time and in one place.

Real-time Data on Your Most Pressing Topics

While state agencies continue to balance their COVID-19 response and economic recovery, it has never been more critical to maintain a clear overview of the concerns and priorities that their residents are voicing. 

Zencity transforms data from all of the online touch points residents have with and about their state and local governments into actionable insights.

Public discourse data is segmented by topic, sentiment, location and source to help you effectively manage the COVID-19 response in your state:

Curious to learn what your data looks like?

Zencity uses award-winning AI technology to provide you with tailored COVID-19 solutions:


Track all of your residents’ online discourse surrounding COVID-19 and reopening in one place.


Stay on top of the data that matters most to you with daily data summaries.


Share actionable, resident-powered insights with your administration.

Join hundreds of government agencies across 32 states who are using Zencity to create and manage their COVID-19 response and communications.


"Zencity was a really important tool for us to be able to just understand what people were feeling, confused about and (detect) opportunities for education and clarification."

Amanda Daflos
Chief Innovation Officer, Los Angeles, CA

"Being able to pinpoint exactly what is driving community conversations in a matter of minutes is invaluable. Zencity is a powerful tool which helps us see where our messages are resonating and where we need to course correct in almost real-time."

Alicia Dean
Marketing Communications Consultant, Austin, TX

"Zencity was very helpful in getting us to pivot into the world of AI and really find creative ways to engage with citizens."

Derrick Brownlee
Managing Dep. Chief Information Officer, Chicago, IL

If you would like to learn more about how you can use Zencity to manage your recovery efforts, shape emergency policies, adapt state services, and adjust critical communications, please contact our team directly at info@zencity.io or schedule a demo today.