Zencity Helps Counties Make Data-Driven Decisions

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Zencity transforms millions of county-centric data points into actionable insights about your residents’ real-time needs and concerns. Zencity’s data-driven insights help county organizations provide localized solutions tailored to the different communities within their county, helping county managers better understand resident feedback, prioritize resources, and connect with their communities. 

We Believe in Counties. We Believe in People. We Believe in Data.


Zencity aggregates and analyzes residents’ online feedback on key issues under the responsibility of counties including elections, public health and other services and initiatives.

Real time alerts and push notifications enable county leaders to address, react and monitor any emergency within their authority, whether it be severe weather or a global pandemic.

Easily identify false information across multiple channels and adjust county messaging to address the issue directly, such as the frequent confusion between the tiers of their local governments and elections-related operation.

Better prioritize resources by understanding resident sentiment towards county-specific projects like health services, road maintenance and census awareness.

Geolocation technology provides counties with topics, content and trends visualized by neighborhood for localized problem solving and a more nuanced view of residents’ needs.

We're Reinventing the Ways Counties Make Decisions


Apply data-smart governance to allocate resources among jurisdictions and incorporate relevant resident feedback into the decision-making process


Zencity collects and anonymizes millions of publicly available resident data points from social media, local news channels, 311, and more. Integration is out of the box and takes 5 days or less


Key stakeholders receive detailed, actionable daily insights on their residents' needs that's easy to share with colleagues and create data-backed policies

For more information about how Zencity can help your county better understand your residents contact us at info@zencity.io or schedule a demo today.

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