Use Cases

ZenCity transforms highly qualitative data into quantitative metrics. Using our platform, you can enhance performance management by accessing wide-scale citizen feedback and by tracking specific city actions, policy initiatives, events, and more. ZenCity’s analysis acts as a metrics platform, providing a means by which you can measure the effectiveness and progress of different city projects.

Making Decisions about Land Use in the City to Keep the Little League Local

One of the cities we work with decided to divest a program for children’s sports because they wanted to repurpose the land the sports teams were using. Using the ZenCity platform…

Tracking Resident Response to a New Car-Sharing Initiative

One of the larger cities we work with implemented an extensive, city-wide car sharing program, which was met by a significant amount of criticism and controversy. Using our classification engine, the city could easily carve out conversations about the program…

ZenCity’s up-to-the-minute insights allow you to easily recognize trends as they happen in real-time so you can stay proactive. We enable you to know what’s happening in your city at any given time, and our notification system will keep you updated on trending topics and conversations. Being on notice in the present allows you to proactively respond to evolving citizen discourse and to specific incidents as they arise.

Identifying and Addressing Issue Areas in the City

When a city we work with deployed ZenCity’s core platform the first time, the leading topic receiving negative feedback (both in terms of volume and in terms of positive-negative ratio) was waste management. When the city drilled down on the subject, based on a keyword analysis of social media and city service requests, the main […]

Responding to 311 Requests More Efficiently

One of the cities we work with identified it had a routing problem in its customer service center (311), where requests being submitted via phone and online form were being forwarded to the wrong city department…

Putting a Halt to Misinformation

A Police Department reported that ZenCity’s real-time alerts notified the department of a sharp increase in discussion on public safety and “murder,” completely catching the officers off guard. When looking…

Real-time Crisis Management

One of the cities we work with was faced with a major crisis when a construction crane collapsed in the highly populated city-center. The situation…

ZenCity’s technology enables you to aggregate and analyze information over time, providing both topic-centric and general “big picture” views of your city for data-driven planning and long-term decision making. Data-smart governance can help you allocate resources more effectively and more efficiently, increasing public trust as a by-product.

Budgeting for Sidewalk Maintenance

One of the suburbs that we work with had a budget of several million dollars to renovate its sidewalks and began outlining a plan to re-cement cracks in the city’s pavement. Prior to executing the plan, the city generated a report through our platform to see citizen feedback about sidewalk maintenance. The report automatically extracted […]

Managing Long-term Development Projects

Several cities that work with us have major, multi-phase development projects underway that will span over the course of a number of years. These cities are organizing and following citizen discourse and sentiment on the specific development projects and utilizing this information to strategize the different phases and prioritize between project elements and limited city […]

ZenCity lets you have your finger on the pulse of the city and enables you to continuously monitor and respond to citizen feedback and concerns. Through the ZenCity dashboard, you can reach data directly at its source, and if it’s your style, spark and contribute to the conversation on relevant platforms. This allows you to extend your reach to your residents and meet them where they are at the touch of a button. Additionally, ZenCity’s tools also enable you to derive exponential value from more traditional citizen engagement methodologies like surveys and town hall meetings by helping you to shape content and communication styles, making these engagement tools even more effective.

Increasing Public Trust with the Local Police Department

ZenCity’s platform is being used by a local Police Department to detect unreported crimes in direct response to citizen complaints. The PD felt that there was a lack of trust between the police force and the city’s residents due to consistent complaints that police officers were failing to follow up on reports, specifically of car […]

Maximizing a Mayor’s Neighborhood Meetups

One of our mayors regularly visits the ZenCity platform before neighborhood meetups. He uses the platform to filter ZenCity’s insights by neighborhood. With ZenCity’s geolocation technology, he is able to understand which topics are the most important by neighborhood or district, and which topics are being discussed where. Then, when meeting residents face to face, […]