Zencity Engage (Formerly Civil Space)

Zencity Engage (Civil Space) is a digital engagement platform for
communities and their leaders to co-create a sustainable future together.
Surface real needs, imagine alternative futures, and collaborate
on key initiatives through an inclusive, accessible platform.

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User group User group default Public Consultation
Handshake heart Active Handshake heart Default Collaboration
Increase graph Increase graph default Reporting
Goal active 1 Measure impact of infrastructure projects Projects
City hall active City hall default Administration
Civil Space Product Public Consultation
Public Consultation

Amplify diverse voices with more than one way to ask a question

Zencity Engage (Civil Space) is a suite of
interactive participation tools that draw on
the IAP2 spectrum of public participation.
Contextual content integration provides
continuous education throughout
engagements, and a variety of question
types —from map pin drops to interactive
budgeting tables— ensure that every
participant has a way to engage meaningfully.

Civil Space Product Collaboration

Participate meaningfully with inclusive, safe ways to engage

True engagement means more than an answer
to a question—Zencity Engage (Civil Space)
provides interactive conversation threads,
Q&A boards, ideation tools and more for
collaborative open-forums. The platform
includes toxicity nudging capabilities that
help foster an inclusive space for participants.

Civil Space Product Reporting

Move forward through the consultation process with transparency and ease

See the results of participation and the
outcomes of engagement. Zencity Engage
generates a wide range of reporting
visualizations to present real-time results
that matter. With a single click you can export
and publish results to share with your
colleagues and back to the public.

Civil Space Product Projects

See engagements as part of the process

Contextualizing engagements within the
larger process is a crucial component of
providing context. Zencity Engage's Project
Hub provides a home base for educational
information, visualizations, and dynamic
project updates

Civl Space Product Administration

Create efficient, equitable digital structures for your engagements

Make real use of the digital capabilities of
consultation to provide access, choice, and
amplification. Zencity Engage’s AI capabilities
provide time-saving hybrid moderation,
multilingual engagements, automated
subscription and notification systems, and a
variety of ways to connect participants and
subscribers with engagement practitioners.

Rebekah Ladd

Public Information Officer
Casper Police Department, WY

"Working at the city level, we often work on multiple
projects and need to gather and publish feedback to
move decisions forward. I can see the value in Zencity
Engage (Civil Space) in reaching members of the public other than
those who reach out during council meetings or on
Facebook. It is a user-friendly way to gain input."

Technology That Helps You Foster Meaningful Dialogue

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