With ZenCity, C-level Management Can


  • Aggregate and analyze information over time to support long-term planning


  • Set goals and see changes in discussion across months for data-driven performance management


  • Recognize trends as they happen in real-time and stay proactive

Platform Features


Follow Conversations Across All Channels

We analyze conversations from social media, municipal hotlines and any other relevant sources


Alerts and Notifications

Our platform can automatically notify you when an interesting trend is emerging, and send you daily or weekly summaries of key insights


Automatic Classification

The results are aggregated in real-time to show the topics and sentiment of discussion, tailored to the city’s needs


Access From Any Device

Computer, tablet or smartphone; our web-based app is available anytime, anywhere


Real-Time Analysis

All data is analyzed as it is collected. No need to wait for results!


And More

The platform also supports a GIS display, keyword analysis, personalized displays for different levels of stakeholders, and allows you to drill down to a specific story level to support research efforts

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Getting started takes no time

Our platform is licensed to local governments in an affordable SaaS model, and can be integrated with any existing data source and adapted to existing organizational KPIs. Our easy integration promises value from day one!

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