Coronavirus Action Plan: How Zencity can support local governments
in managing their response

As the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus increase in the United States, more residents are taking to the internet to voice their thoughts and concerns. They are also increasingly seeking out digital information and resources from their local government agencies.

The entire Zencity team is here to support your integral steps in confronting and containing the virus. Our goal is to help you harness digital community discourse to bolster your local government’s crisis communications, identify potential gaps in emergency response, tackle misinformation, and enhance community and workforce preparedness.

Real-time Data on Coronavirus

Zencity’s platform monitors and aggregates online discourse in real-time from a range of social and local media channels. Our ability to rapidly track multiple online channels at once enables you to respond to residents’ concerns around COVID-19 without delay. You can also utilize our live alerts by email or push notification to increase visibility and never miss an update. In addition, our geolocation data can help you pinpoint discourse according to specific neighborhoods and efficiently allocate localized resources and outreach. 

Improved Crisis Comms


Track discourse in non-city owned channels, where the majority of your residents are talking, and ensure that the right messages circulate


Pinpoint your broader community’s questions and build messaging that directly addresses their unique needs


Obtain quantitative and qualitative reports that reveal trends on coronavirus topics in your community

Trusted by Over 120

Local Governments Across the USA

Our mission is to equip local governments with the best tools and data to improve community preparedness and services.

As digital discourse increases, new challenges can arise in managing public anxiety and dispelling misinformation around a crisis. Yet despite these inherent challenges, we also see online discourse as a powerful means for better understanding your community’s needs and speaking to your residents directly. We work with over 120 cities and counties to help them make the most of this opportunity. By tracking millions of data points in real-time and providing actionable insights, we hope to empower the incredible men and women in local government to make better data-driven decisions while on the front lines of a crisis