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Make Strategic ARPA Allocations using Community Feedback

Our comprehensive, local government guide will help you with your American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation strategy using readily-available community feedback

Learn how you can make the most of existing community feedback or proactive, community surveys to:

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Assess community needs & priorities for ARPA funding allocations

Learn how to incorporate community input into allocation decisions to maximize your ARPA and other federal funds, and ensure funding is spent equitably

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Help align residents with your investment decisions

Read how understanding resident sentiment around funding decisions can help you get residents on board with your medium and long-term growth strategies

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Bring council members on board with spending recommendations

Use community feedback metrics and engagement tools to back up your allocation recommendations to council and get them approved

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Measure the ongoing impact of funding decisions

See how resident satisfaction data can help in oversight metrics to ensure funds are being spent effectively and equitably

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Use community feedback metrics for ARPA & CDBG reporting

Learn how to use resident satisfaction data both to apply for federal grants and to meet reporting requirements around need and impact

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Allocating American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds Strategically using Community Feedback

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