Zencity Helps Law Enforcement Agencies Understand Resident Input on Social Media

Improve community relationships and measure impact by automatically transforming online resident feedback from social media and proactive surveys, into actionable insights, all-the-while safeguarding privacy

Use Zencity’s community insights & analytics platform and ongoing, community surveys to:

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Build Community Trust

Improve transparency and inclusivity by leveraging the channels your residents trust for open communication

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Understand Resident Needs & Priorities

Leverage multi-channel feedback sources like social media, broadcast media & city apps to gain a broad understanding of resident input

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Address Misinformation

Easily identify viral false information across multiple channels and adjust messaging accordingly, tackling misinformation head-on

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Improve Public Opinion

Respond directly and proactively to your residents’ priorities and concerns, and showcase your efforts for improved community relations

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Power Strategic Decision Making

Evaluate policy proposals, communication campaigns, and more, based on real resident feedback

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Support Community Oriented Policing

Support your agency's relationship with your community members through neighborhood-specific polls and surveys

Zencity is a best-in-class tool that helps law enforcement agencies hear from all of the voices in their community while safeguarding privacy. Our insights and analysis are anonymized and reflect broad community trends so you can use the tool proudly and transparently to boost confidence in your agency and strengthen your service.

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