Creating Inclusive and Accessible Engagements

This guide was created by the Zencity Engage (formerly Civil Space) team to encourage accessibility and inclusivity in online engagement.

Copy of Copy of Creating Accessible Engagements


Taking steps towards inclusivity
By considering online engagement, you've already taken the first step towards accessibility and serving your community more effectively and inclusively. Prioritizing your community's availability by offering a place to share and gather information over hosting one-off events allows those who are often excluded to participate.

Discover our Top 4 Accessibility Considerations
#1 Learning styles - It's important to understand that people learn and provide feedback in various ways.
#2 Technology - For groups who are normally excluded from the conversation, technology and access to it can be a large barrier for participation.
#3 Language - The right platform should be able to provide access to the languages in your community.
#4 Safety - At Zencity we believe safety plays a large role in accessibility.

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