Increase Trust in Your Vaccination Strategy

Run an effective vaccine task force and connect with all of your community members. With Zencity, ensure your county has the resident feedback it needs to get your community on board with your vaccination strategy, tap into vulnerable groups, stop misinformation in its tracks, and succeed.

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As vaccines have begun to roll out to different populations across the US, misinformation and skepticism have proven to be significant challenges to successful vaccine operations in counties. 
Residents are expressing distrust, confusion, and fear. For vaccine operations to succeed and the pandemic to come to an end, cities and counties must be able to understand, in a nuanced way, resident feedback and hesitations, and bridge the trust-gap with members from across the community.

Now is the time to build your community’s confidence in your vaccination strategy

Zencity’s technology is here to help you do just this with our award winning solution. By automatically tracking hundreds of public channels, in real time, you can:
Stay on top of your residents’ vaccine discourse
Stop the spread of misinformation in its tracks
Hone in on vulnerable groups and understand where in your community you need to target or modify your efforts
Understand what may be confusing or causing hesitancy among your residents – from policy to messaging
Measure the impact of your communications

Address challenges to vaccination operations head-on

City and county leaders are orchestrating vaccine operations of unprecedented scale – and Zencity is here to help.

Our complete package of products and services is dedicated to supporting your COVID-19 vaccination strategy. Leverage real-time resident feedback to adjust and optimize your vaccination efforts and operations. Ramp up to integrate community input into your operations in 5 days or less.
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