Community Surveys - Reimagined

Hear from more voices across your community and receive timely feedback that you can act on with our suite of survey solutions. Choose the survey that’s right for your local government organization and your community: 

  • Community surveys for ongoing satisfaction scores
  • Topical surveys for on-demand feedback
  • Trust and safety surveys for metrics for law enforcement

From survey design to reaching a representative sample, and from distribution to producing actionable takeaways and tailored reports, let Zencity do the heavy-lifting and take care of all of your community survey needs. 

Community survey platform

Zencity’s end-to-end survey solutions are tailored for local government to help cities and counties hear from more voices across the community and to provide timely feedback that they can act on. Join us for a personalized demo to learn about all of our community survey solutions and how you can run your next survey with Zencity.

Community survey platform

Run your Next Survey with Zencity

Join us for a personalized demo to learn how Zencity can help you run hassle-free surveys that reach more residents.

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