ZenCity 2.0 is Live and Mobile

Platform Highlights

ZenCity 2.0 is a faster and more intuitive system with a variety of new features. All of its upgrades are a direct result of customer feedback and we’re excited to provide a quick overview of some of our major upgrades:

  • Facelift: the dashboard underwent a major UI change, making it easier than ever to onboard and start using the platform even for less tech-savvy individuals.
  • Advanced filters: filtered searches are now available on every screen across a plethora of parameters, including location and keywords. Each filtered search changes the entire screen and the widgets.
  • Alerts: alerts are now available as push notifications, straight to users mobile phone, in addition to daily or weekly email alerts, depending on each users preferences.
  • Comparisons: users can now compare between different topics, an essential element for understanding the pulse of a city on a wider scale.
  • Graphics: users can now export ZenCity’s graphs at the click of a button. Our new “Export to PNG” feature allows city managers to utilize the visual data we’ve provided them and integrate it into their own slide decks, reports, and communications.

Mobile App

It’s 2018 and that means to get in the game, you have to go mobile! ZenCity knows that city managers, Mayors and other stakeholders that log into our platform on a daily basis only spend a fraction of their day in front of their desktop screens. That’s why we launched the ZenCity Insights mobile app, available for Android or Apple on tablets and smartphones. It’s the same user-friendly dashboard on the go, so that our cities can have access to the vital information ZenCity provides them anytime, anywhere. We launched the app in direct response to requests from our clients who genuinely depend on our up-to-the-minute analysis. We love our clients and that’s why when they ask, we produce.

If you’re one of our clients and you haven’t already downloaded our app, you can do so here.