The ZenCity Community Platform

For Goverment
For citizens

Our platform is a new form of interaction between people and cities, providing citizens with real-time, personalized & contextual information about the city, while collecting actionable insights for local governments.

Our mobile app consolidates all of the information citizens need about their local community – events, public works, new building plans, water shortages and more into one, easy to use feed view. Citizens can read, engage and even create updates to share with their local communities.

The data in our platform comes from different sources, including municipal databases, social media profiles and other citizen’s updates, and it requires almost NO MANUAL ACTIONS to create.

Behind the scenes we use machine learning and big data algorithms to consolidate information from all forms of interaction (our platform, social media, municipal hotline etc.) and create insights and trends about citizen’s actual and desired use of the city.

Those insights are accessible to city officials through our tailored dashboards, suited to various levels of decision-making and operations – from the city manager and elected officials, through department managers and up to the municipal control room.


Tired of waiting in the dark when waiting for your bus? Our platform will recognize when you are reaching your transit station, and will automatically send you REAL-TIME information about buses approaching the station straight to your phone – allowing you to track the approaching transit vehicle while you wait.
We will also provide you with a suite of information and services to lighten your wait : nearby cafes you have time to walk to, interesting, personalized content to read while you wait, and even games to help make your time at the station more enjoyable.

Winner, 1st Place at App2Go 2016

Tel Aviv Municipality & EcoMotion Smart City Competition

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The ultimate app for urban transportation decision making is here!
AlterNativ lets you:

  • Plan urban travels in a personalized manner
  • Compare transportation methods to find the most quick, eco, fit or cheap way to get there
  • See how much calories you’ll burn, money you’ll spend, CO2 you’ll emit ant time you’ll waste on traveling
  • Be part of the move towards a smarter, greener, more efficient urban transportation reality.

AlterNativ is an app for inner-city navigation, which helps users make conscious choices between transportation methods based on their current preference – protect the environment, burn calories, arrive quickly, or save money.

The annonymized data collected can later be harvested by the city to provide insights for transportation planning.

Winner, 1st Place at App2Go 2015

Tel Aviv Municipality & EcoMotion Smart City Competition

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An app that encourages local business activity. With our app, citizens and visitors can see the different businesses around them, find local services they are looking for and enjoy special discounts and offers.

This platform also collects statistical information about usage patterns to provide local governments and business owners with actionable insights about their audience’s preferences.

Yerushalmi+ is the live, Jerusalemite version of our local business platform.

Winner, 1st Place at Jerusalemapp

Jerusalem Smart City App Competition

Tailor-made solutions

Do you have a unique urban challenge? Our experienced team will be happy to think, design, and created a tailored solution to your city’s needs. We provide an end-to-end service, from helping you understand what would be the right solution, through designing a unique user interface, deploying the product and providing you with insights and analytics. Our satisfied clients include local governments, the Israeli Prime-Minister’s Office, university campuses and more.

Consultancy services

If your city needs help with opening up its data to the public or to create a data-driven citizen digital service, we can help! Get it touch with us and we’d happy to consult and assist in building it.

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